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Today I’m sharing my astrology journey these past few years and why it’s soooooo important this summer to be mindful of the planets, their alignments and then resulting energy for us as individuals & the collective.

Noodling with some designs for masks. ;) Link below if you want one.

Noodling with some designs for masks. ;) Link below if you want one.

What new world are you stepping into?

The past few days were a cornucopia of intense planetary energy. Six planets in retrograde, an eclipse during a new moon and a solstice. And, according to my morning astrology dosage, last weekend kicked off a series alignments that will bring massive impacts to our world. And the coming week is going to be a doozy.

Here’s the skinny, essentially, if we’ve been doing the work of getting our shit together, this time frame will open up the doors to a new world for us. We simply have to stay the course, do the work and step through the doorways when they open.

If we haven’t been doing the deep personal work of gaining clarity of purpose and taking actions steps towards manifesting that purpose, no matter how small, this time will be pretty chaotic and leave us bewildered and lost.

That’s intense. Essentially, the new world starts now, so where are you on this journey?

I began following this “celebrity astrologer” about 2 years ago on the recommendation of my reiki healer. I dig astrology, but never went deep into it. I began watching his horoscopes after the fact to see if they were accurate. They were– freakishly so. As crazy as this sounds, following astrology closely has allowed me to make substantial leaps towards my dharma faster than without it.

But even more important, following astrology this deeply has allowed me to navigate this chaotic world with a fairly accurate compass. On certain days when the planets are off their rockers, I simply shift my activities to compensate. And on days when I’m like, “wtf Street, why are you so whack today?” I turn to the horoscope and remember that some planet conjuncted another in a South node somewhere and I can not beat myself for sucking at adulting that day. I can blame it on Mars and try better tomorrow.

Last year, the astrology was entering some intense alignments, and we’re living through the results right now. Last August, the Leo King (crazy astrologer linked below) began talking about getting your personal shit together and preparing your ship for the journey we’re all about to take. Who do you want on your ship? What do you want to be doing to move your ship forward? What will your reality look like when we emerge into this new world?

The eclipse cycle that started on December 25th, 2019 was the kick off event to the chaos, so I shuffled on out to my desert retreat and hunkered down in my RV to ride out that winter eclipse cycle that would run through late January. I had large sections of my ship buttoned down, but I still had a gaping hole in there– my abundance and scarcity issues. The Leo King began talking about coming plagues and noted a particularly nasty Mercury Retrograde coming in late February.

Seemed a little extreme in to me. We just avoided a war with Iran, Kobe Bryant died in a tragic crash and the impeachment debacle was wrapping up. Maybe that’s the chaos he was referring to, I thought. Maybe we’re through the heat of it. I headed East early for a job interview (that I gratefully didn’t get) and hopped on the crystal festival circuit just as the pandemic was reaching scale in the States.

And then everything came to a screeching halt. Everything. I had time to deal with my shit now and the damn astrology was saying that the work isn’t done. There’s a ton of shit on the way…don’t stop getting your shit together.

So I did. I worked on that last abundance and scarcity demon. I wrangled the beast and put a system of adulting in place to fix things. My biggest weaknesses were out in the open, glaring at me as the economy and my business tanked. And I fixed the things. With a little help from some tax dollars.

Part of my work now is figuring out this leap into healing arts. It’s my path now, but I still have no idea what it actually looks like. Medicinal plants are screaming at me right now. My crystals are all chattering away too. Whispering that it’s time to go bigger– go deeper. Yoga is calling me (and I’m resisting that shit hard- for no good reason). Moving into more art, more writing and medicinal plants seems logical.

Knowing this dharma will steer the ship through this chaotic eclipse season that we’re in is a massive comfort. Since the solstice, I’ve had a clear vision of what my path looks like moving through the next 2 years. And moving is the operative word. Full time nomad is back on the forefront. Traveling the country, completely self-contained for offgrid living in a tiny rig, while sourcing crystals, herbs and running my etsy shops. The journey includes learning about medicinal plants and herbalism and building out an apothecary to add to my crystal shop.

And when the dust settles on this economy and society reopens- in 2 years or so- I’ll have my ship filled with a beautiful healing arts business, a deep connection to the Earth and a vast amount of knowledge to share with my fellow medicinal plant mavericks.

And I have to say, if astrology wasn’t in my daily routine these past few years, I may not be riding out this pandemic with such an outlook. I may not have my ship prepared to sail through a pandemic and make it to the other side intact.

If I didn’t have astrology in my toolkit, I’d be navigating the chaotic energy of our world without a map or a compass.

Not everyone's cuppa tea, but I highly recommend this video...

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Deep Astrology Weekly Horoscope June 24-30 2020 Venus Direct, Mars in Aries, Mars Sq Nodes.

I subscribe to this channel monthly for $10 so I can start my day off with the daily horoscopes and have access to the charts in his Deep Astrology videos. There’s also a bunch of content from other light workers on the channel.

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Late Night Noodling...

I was scrolling through Etsy last night looking for some decent masks to stock up on and didn’t really find any that resonated. So I made my own! ;) As one does when they’re bored and re-watching Ozarks on a Friday night. I’ll be adding designs as I go and eventually adding them to my Etsy shop. But if you’d like to snag some now (and cheaper) just order direct from my printer. The headbands can also be worn as masks. They’re printed and assembled by real humans in Canada. ;) Also, feel free to make your own! This company rocks!

Nomadic Crystals | Artists | Art of Where

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